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Mesothelioma Clinical doctors

Dr. FloresNew York, NY

1470 Madison AvenueNew York, NY 10029(212) 241-9466

Contemporary York College – 1988

Albert Einstein School of Drugs – 1992

Columbia-Presbyterian Clinical Center

Brigham and Females’ Sanatorium in Boston/Dana Farber Disease Institute

Overview and Scholarly Background

Regarded as a main educated in the investigate and treatment of harmful pleural mesothelioma, Dr. Raja M. Flores, is Head of Thoracic Careful activity at The Mount Sinai Clinical Center in Contemporary York. An alum of Contemporary York College, where he purchased a single man’s level in science, and the Albert Einstein School of Prescriptions in the Bronx, NY, Flores achieved both an aggregate careful task temporary position and aggregate careful activity residency at Columbia-Presbyterian Clinical Center in Contemporary York City. He likewise earned a Thoracic Oncology Clinical Examination Cooperation at Brigham and Females’ Sanatorium in Boston/Dana Farber Disease Organization and achieved an extra residency in cardiothoracic careful activity at Brigham and Females’ as perfectly. As flawlessly as to his medicinal level, Dr. Flores likewise proficient a logical viability program at Harvard’s School of Open Conveniently being and purchased a M.S. in biostatistics from Columbia University.

Expert Highlights

Licensed by the American Leading body of Careful task and the American Leading body of Thoracic Careful activity, Flores has filled in as logical right hand educator of cardiothoracic careful task, Cornell College Clinical School, Contemporary York, and associate teacher of cardiothoracic careful activity at the an indistinguishable foundation. As flawlessly as to talking English, Dr. Flores is conversant in both Spanish and Arabic, allowing him to additional without melancholy serve the various occupants of the Contemporary York City metropolitan articulate.

Clinical ResearchFlores demonstrates that his logical advantages incorporate not absolutely the careful activity of mesothelioma in any case likewise lung most tumors screening, thorascopy, Tanks lobectomy, intraoperative chemotherapy, and tracheal, carinal, and esophageal careful operation.

As an analyst, Dr. Flores has taken an interest in and drove numerous logical preliminaries, together with various sharp the investigate and treatment of threatening mesothelioma. Most breakthrough preliminaries incorporate a colossal investigate that excited the use of neoadjuvant gemcitabine and cisplatin pursued by extrapleural pneumonectomy and high portion radiation for the treatment of harmful mesothelioma sufferers, and each other which inspected the use of neoadjuvant Alimta/cisplatin, extrapleural pneumonectomy, and high portion radiation to treat mesothelioma. One other preliminary driven by Flores, concentrating on the simple best grouping of conditions contrasting extrapleural pneumonectomy with pleurectomy decortication, wound up quite recently profiled in The Diary of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Careful activity. Flores and his analyze associates win added to numerous other examination about-explored diaries as neatly.

Affiliations and Awards

Dr. Flores is terribly dynamic in a need of learned associations, some of which win respected him with legitimacy grants. These associations include the American Relationship for Thoracic Careful activity (AATS), The General public of Thoracic Specialists (STS), Acknowledged Thoracic Careful Participation, Cardiothoracic Careful task Network, European Culture of Thoracic Specialists (ESTS), and the Worldwide Society for Negligibly Obtrusive Cardiothoracic Careful task. He as of now serves on the AATS/STS Joint Gathering on Contemporary Innovation and the Advert Hoc Advisory group for Specialized Vogue for the ESTS.


Mount Sinai School of Prescriptions Dept. of Thoracic Careful activity


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